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About The Show

Above: Miraval Berkshire and
Wyndhurst Manor + Club
Photo: James Baigrie

Where legacy meets the future of design.

You, and hundreds of thousands gamechangers before you, have gathered with us over three decades—dedicated to sharing the best of design. What started with fern bars (they’re back, BTW) and florals (they are, too) has expanded to, well, everything for hospitality, hybrid spaces, and so much more. Quite simply, HD Expo + Conference is hospitality’s leading design marketplace and gathering.

Home to innovative product launches and leading-edge collections. Debuts and redux. Invention and reinvention. Stalwarts and upstarts. In one place, in one space. Renowned for networking and town hall. Case studies and all-in conversations. Critical topics and stellar speakers. Dark horses and workhorses. Big names and rising stars.

Cross-pollinating our industry like none other: Owners. Operators. Designers. Architects. Purchasers. Specifiers. Developers. Financers. Wellness-gurus. Vendors. Suppliers. Manufacturers. Reps. Experts. Icons. Mavens. Go-getters. Connectors. Thought-leaders. Lifelong-learners. Fire-brands. Renegades. Rulebreakers. Risktakers.