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Behind the Hilton Box

11 design firms. 24 hours. One winner takes all.

At HD Expo 2019, 11 design firms participated in the second annual Box challenge, a collaboration between Hospitality Design and Hilton. Tasked with creating the next iteration of the lifestyle guestroom in only 24 hours using the sponsors’ products, each designer or team showed off their dream room in a 10-minute presentation to four judges: Bobby Berk, Queer Eye and Bobby Berk Home; Anthony Melchiorri, former Hotel Impossible host and founder of Ageo; Larry Traxler, senior vice president of global design, Hilton; and Daniel Wade, COO, Plaza LV.

The adventure continues at HD Expo 2020, where Urban Robot Associates’ winning concept will be built out on the show floor. Taking cues from the sophisticated, yet natural eclecticism of locations such as Tulum, Mexico, it’s certain to be a warm, comfortable, and one of the most visually stimulating spaces on the show floor.

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